Window Cleaning 101 – Best Practices

Window cleaning is a dreaded chore for many homeowners, but it is also a necessary one. A grimy, blurry window sends a negative message about your home’s upkeep. Plus, there’s nothing worse than a blurry window to really destroy a beautiful view. But don’t lose hope. We’re here to help.

Follow these best practices for window cleaning:

  1. Remember safety first.
  2. Use the right tools.
  3. Avoid rubbing.
  4. Clean seasonally.

These will help keep your home’s windows looking their best, both inside and out. Read more about them below:

Remember safety first. Without using caution, window cleaning can be a potentially dangerous chore. Keep your work space clear of any obstacles, such as items on the ground that you could trip over or knickknacks on windowsills that could fall and shatter. If you are not comfortable with using a step stool or ladder to clean your exterior windows, do not use one. Call in the professionals instead for your own safety and peace of mind.

Use the right tools. Paper towels and store-bought window cleaning solutions are commonly thought of as the right tools—but they are not. Paper towels leave streaks and residue, and can even leave scratches on the panes of glass. Instead, use a simple solution of water and soap with a squeegee.

Avoid rubbing. Rubbing your windows in circles does little more than push the dirt and grime around. Using a squeegee, as noted above, is the most effective method for removing dirt from both the interior and exterior windows of your home. A squeegee is the name for a tool that features a handle and a long rubber-edged blade. For example, you usually see squeegees at gas stations for cleaning your car’s windshield and windows.

Clean seasonally. If you clean your windows several times a year, dirt will not have a long time to buildup. Consider hiring a professional power washing company to clean your home’s exterior, including windows, twice a year to stay on top of your home’s maintenance.


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