Why You Should Power Wash Before You Paint

Spring is one of the best times to tackle painting projects. If that is on your to-do list, then taking the time to have your home prepped before you start work is critical. Listed below are just a few reasons why power washing before painting is important to the final quality of your project.

Why You Should Power Wash Before Painting

  • Dirt can affect the paint. If you have areas of your home or commercial space where mulch or dirt has splashed up on the siding due to its proximity to the ground, then removing it before you start to paint is imperative. Trying to paint over chunks of dirt can not only make your painting job look bad, but it can get into your paint, causing it to not go on smoothly. When you are taking the time to invest in your property, you want the paint to look great. Cleaning beforehand will help.
  • Power washing can remove old paint on siding. There may be spots on your siding where old paint has bubbled. If that is the case on your home or commercial space, then power washing the area can quickly remove the paint, allowing you to get a smooth finish with new materials. Conversely, if you don’t power wash the area, the old paint may flake off and get into your paint, leaving you with paint flakes in your materials.
  • Stain will adhere better to power washed areas of decks and homes. Siding that is being painted is not the only type of project that benefits from power washing. In fact, decks and homes with wood siding benefit from power washing. Over time, algae, mold and mildew can get into the pores of the wood, making it look dingy and even black. Power washing can get the surface really clean and help it to be ready for a new coat of stain. Whether you are using transparent or solid stain, power washing can make a real difference.
  • Paint will last longer on a clean surface. As you can imagine, putting stain or paint on a clean surface is a much better option than applying it to a surface that is dirty. If you want your project to have longevity, then it is important that it gets cleaned before you paint.

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