Why You Should Have Your Ice Dam Professionally Removed

PPW-BlogImages-Nov15_0002_PPW-Images-Ice-On-Gutter-3-Sep13(1)There are two words that a homeowner who lives in an area prone to severe winter weather never wants to hear: Ice dam. While prevention is the best course of action when it comes to ice dams, sometimes in emergency situations, an ice dam has formed and must be addressed. Your first instinct might be to leave it alone and hope it melts, or to try to remove the ice dam yourself, however, for many reasons, your first step should be to call on the professionals. Here are just a few reasons why.

If you do not have the ice dam removed, your home is at risk of damage.

Plain and simple, ice dams cannot be left alone. They must be addressed or they pose a serious risk to your home. Ice dams lead to leaks and potential flooding that can damage your home and compromise the integrity of your home’s foundation.

If you attempt to remove the ice dam yourself, you put yourself at risk of injury.

Trying to chip away at blocks of ice or large, sharp icicles is a recipe for injury for an inexperienced homeowner. Removing the ice will not address the real problem—the ice dam—and you could end up hurting yourself.

If you attempt to remove it yourself, you could also cause additional home damage.

As we mentioned, trying to knock down icicles can injure you—and your home’s exterior. Falling icicles will shatter as they hit the ground and could cause damage to windows and other exterior surfaces. You should also absolutely never try to melt an ice dam using salt or other deicing chemicals. These can cause irreversible damage and deterioration to the exterior of your roof and the surface of your gutters.

Professionals know how to safely remove an ice dam without causing additional damage. A professional team will use a safe and efficient steaming method to completely remove the ice dam and any icicles.

If you find yourself dealing with an ice dam this winter, do not hesitate. Call Perfect Power Wash immediately for safe and effective ice dam removal.


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