Why Regular Roof Cleaning Is Critical

When it comes to home upkeep, one of the most overlooked areas of a home is the roof. A neglected roof can cause many problems, ranging from decreased curb appeal to health concerns that may pose a risk to your family. Just as other areas of your home benefit from maintenance chores, such as mopping floors or cleaning bathrooms, your roof also needs regular care and attention.

A professional power washing service can help you clean and maintain your roof for the future. Here are just a few reasons why you should invest in regular roof cleaning.

  • PerfectPowerWash-Roof-Black-Streaks-Apr15Roof contaminants can cause a serious health risk. Left untreated, algae, mold, and mildew will build up on your roof. Breathing in these contaminants regularly can be very dangerous, especially for those with asthma or other respiratory diseases. By choosing not to clean your roof, you may be putting your family’s health at risk.
  • A dirty roof will increase your electric bills this summer. The unsightly black streaks on your roof are actually black algae, which prevents your roof from reflecting the sun’s heat. A buildup of heat in your attic will cause your air conditioner to work overtime to cool your home—and cause your electric bill to sky rocket.
  • Those dingy black streaks are also hurting your home’s curb appeal. If you take the time and energy to upkeep the rest of your home’s exterior, don’t neglect your roof! A dirty roof is the surest way to destroy your home’s curb appeal.
  • A clean roof adds resale value to your home. This sounds simple, but it is very true. A well-maintained roof indicates that you have cared for and nurtured your home. On the other hand, a dirty, dingy roof signals neglect and can instill immediate fear in prospective buyers that they will have to take on the expense of buying a new roof in the near future.
  • A roof cleaning is a fraction of the cost of a full roof replacement. Don’t waste thousands of dollars on replacing your roof when a professional power wash would restore its beauty and kill harmful contaminants.

Are you ready to refresh and transform your roof? Find your local Perfect Power Wash to schedule our Low Pressure Soft Wash Roof Cleaning service.


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