Why Homeowners Need To Protect
Their Concrete

It’s fall in Northeast Ohio; leaves are changing, pumpkins are on the porch, and temperatures are steadily dropping as we move into winter. As homeowners, we’ve all got our to-do lists to complete before winter hits. Cleaning out the garage, stocking up on driveway salt, and buying Halloween candy top most lists.

When the temperature drops, there’s one thing homeowners like you need to make sure happens before winter – cleaning and sealing your driveway and other concrete surfaces on your property. As overnight lows continue to drop, the freeze/thaw cycle will begin to wreak havoc on your driveway. Any water in your concrete will expand when frozen – causing it to chip, pit, and eventually crack, resulting in expensive repairs or replacement.

Infographic of weathers effect on concrete
Infographic of weathers effect on concrete

With a Driveway Wash & Seal from Perfect Power Wash, we’ll flush the pores of your concrete with our surface cleaner to remove any dirt, mold, and mildew on and under the surface. We follow that up with a thorough application of our Weather Guard sealer, a blend of silane and siloxane, that penetrates deep into the pores of your concrete and forms a hydrophobic barrier that helps protect your concrete throughout the winter. It’s transparent, so it doesn’t change the appearance of your concrete.


Homeowners that don’t elect to have their concrete protected over the winter might head into spring with a cracked driveway and a hefty bill for replacement. The average 2000 square foot driveway is upwards of $30,000 to replace – not to mention going weeks with the inconvenience of a large-scale construction project at your home.

Before and After Concrete Wash and Seal

Right now is the best time to have your concrete surfaces cleaned and protected before winter. Perfect Power Wash has been protecting concrete in Northeast Ohio for over 19 years, and our team is standing by ready to answer all your questions. Call us today or request your quote to keep your concrete surfaces protected this winter.

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