Top Uses for a Power Washer

If you scour the internet, you will quickly find several dozen off-the-wall uses for a power washer. While slicing a grapefruit, powering a skateboard, and cleaning a fish are certainly fun ideas, we are going to focus on the more practical and impactful uses in the post.

Here are the top uses for a power washer:

  • Wash Commercial Properties
  • Clean Fences
  • Wash Patios & Walkways
  • Wash Decks
  • Treat Roofs
  • Clean Concrete
  • Wash House Siding

Continue reading to discover how a power washer can be used to clean these various surfaces.

7. Wash Commercial Properties

It is an excellent idea to wash your commercial building with a power washer. The appearance of your building has a major impact on how a customer views your business. It is always best to start off with a good impression and having your building professionally cleaned will do just that.

6. Clean Fences

Power washing a vinyl fence is straightforward if you are using a safe pressure. Wood fences require more expertise. The potential for damage is higher on a wood fence because it is a softer material than vinyl. Washing a fence is a tedious endeavor despite the method used, but a power washer helps speeds things up significantly if used with the right cleansers.

5. Wash Patios & Walkways

A power washer is the most effective way to clean patios and walkways. Grime and other contaminants amass on these areas over time and can take a severe toll on these surfaces. Power washing patios and walkways will clean these areas more thoroughly than traditional methods such as hand-scrubbing.

4. Wash Decks

If you are repainting or staining your deck, power washing is a great idea. Power washing will remove general dirt and grime, algae, sunspots, and other contaminants. After cleaning your deck, some additional steps may be required, such as sanding or replacing boards. The number of steps depends on the condition and type of decking material at hand. Always consult a professional if you are unsure.

A routine maintenance wash will keep your deck protected from the elements and looking terrific, even if the deck does not require new paint or a new stain. Having your deck washed every year will also lengthen the amount of time in between repainting and staining.

3. Treat Roofs

While it is ill-advised to clean a roof with high pressure, the safer “roof treatment” is essential for maintaining the integrity of shingles. A roof treatment still requires power washing equipment, but instead of using high-pressure, washing the roof involves what is called a soft wash technique. A soft wash relies on low-pressure water to rinse dirt away, and specialized detergents treat for algae and other harmful living organisms.

As algae colonies accumulate on and inhabit the surface of the roof, they dine on the limestone filler and deteriorate the shingles. A roof treatment will help remove algae, moss, and lichens from your roof, allowing the roof to reach its full anticipated lifetime.

2. Clean Concrete

Concrete is porous like a sponge. Dirt, grime, and a multitude of other contaminants permeate the surface causing unattractive stains. While power washing is ineffective for oil or rust stains, it will work wonders for the common contaminants mentioned above.

We advise sealing your driveway and other concrete surfaces following the wash. Moisture is problematic for concrete in the winter because water expands when it freezes. Freezing water causes strain underneath a concrete surface and leads to cracking, chipping, and pitting. A penetrating sealer soaks into the concrete, strengthening it from within and creating an invisible layer of defense against excess moisture.

1. Wash House Siding

Without surprise, washing your house is the number one use for a power washer. Power washing is the most thorough, timely, and cost-effective way of cleaning the exterior of a home.

Airborne algae not only lands on roofs but also finds its way around a home, especially on the sun-deprived north side. Algae feeds on organic material, leaving behind an obnoxious green-brown residue. If left alone, algae can become embedded within the siding causing permanent stains. If the algae can colonize long enough it will migrate underneath the siding, where there is little to no light. It will eventually soil and damage the underlying plywood.

Without a doubt, the best use for a power washer is to wash your home, preferably once per year.

Using Perfect Power Wash

While there are plenty of uses for a store-bought, $100 machine, our team at Perfect Power Wash maximizes the impact of power washers. We carry top-end power washers in every truck, and our equipment allows us to apply surface-specific pressure to a home. This helps us to safely and thoroughly clean every outdoor surface around a home. With 20+ years of experience and over 100,000 jobs complete, we perform all the “uses” listed above daily. For more information, check out our services.


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