Tips for Taking Care of Your Deck

Deck maintenance is essential to ensure your deck is a safe and enjoyable place for family and friends to gather. With a little time put in throughout the year, you can be sure your deck is not only clean, but structurally sound. Keep in mind these tips for taking care of your deck:

  • PerfectPowerWash-Patio-Washing-Apr15Regularly sweep the deck to remove debris. Be sure to get rid of any fallen twigs and leaves, as well as any dropped food or other trash leftover from a summer barbecue or family gathering. You can remove debris from in-between deck boards using a putty knife or a scoring tool. It is important to periodically clean between the deck boards because not only does debris-buildup look unattractive, but debris left there can soak up water and promote rot.
  • Remember that rot most often occurs in places that are hard to see, like underneath your deck. Look for signs of rot particularly in the ledger, the framing that attaches your deck to your house. A damaged ledger is one of the most common causes of a deck collapse. Also check all of the decking boards for signs of rot, and remove and replace any rotten boards.
  • Inspect the deck joists, posts, and beams. That hardware can become rusted or rotted over time. If this hardware is loose, it can cause a structural issue for your deck.
  • Check the railings, banisters and stairs. When you push gently against a deck railing or a banister, the wood should not move. For the well-being of those using your deck, be sure to check this periodically so you can immediately address any potential safety issues.
  • Protect against discoloration. If you leave large planters, patio furniture or chairs in the exact same spot for months at a time, the surface of your deck underneath them may become discolored. Every so often, rearrange the planters and furniture to avoid this occurring.
  • Schedule regular deck washing services. Even with regular maintenance, contaminants like mold and algae, as well as dirt and grime, will build up on your deck’s surface. Regular power washing will thoroughly kill any living organisms on your deck and remove surface dirt and grime, making your deck look like new.

Call Perfect Power Wash today to schedule your deck cleaning! Our service will restore the natural beauty of your deck.


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