The Value of
Power Washing
Your Stadium

There’s nothing quite like spending a Friday night in an Ohio high school football stadium. The crowd roars as your team runs out of the tunnel, gaze at a deep ball thrown by your star quarterback, and fully take in the scene as the sun begins to set.

But when those Friday night lights flicker on, will your stadium be ready to shine?

From gum on the bleachers to dirt embedded in a concourse’s concrete, it’s easy to see why stadiums quickly get dirty. Plus, Ohio’s climate and harsh winters do us no favors.

So, how can Perfect Power Wash help?

Your Hometown Stadium Cleaning Team

Cleaning a stadium might seem like a daunting task. It is – if you don’t have the right team and equipment. Your grounds staff likely has better things to do than spend the better part of two weeks cleaning your bleachers and concrete.

Here’s the good news: Our team has experience cleaning stadiums of all shapes and sizes. Just recently, we’ve cleaned Seneca East High School’s football stadium in Attica, OH and Canal Park in Akron, OH.

At Perfect Power Wash, we have a fleet of 35 service vehicles that can accommodate any size job. Simply put, there’s no stadium too big or small for our team. Every service vehicle holds $60,000 of state-of-the-art power washing equipment, proprietary detergents, and manned by our local team of professional technicians.

Every one of our technicians goes through hundreds of hours of training before they take the field. We do dozens of stadiums a year, and our entire team is trained how to properly clean each unique surface, such as aluminum bleachers. Our entire infield service team is backed by a dedicated on-site project manager, who ensures the job is completed efficiently and effectively while staying in constant communication with your staff. Plus, they’ll be onsite to answer any questions you have throughout the day.

Our tenure in cleaning stadiums allows our team to perform the following services at an industry-leading level:

  • Power washing seats, rails, stairs, and all parts of bleachers.
  • Washing and sealing walkways and concrete surfaces.
  • Cleaning buildings and structures surrounding a stadium.
  • Power washing entrances, concourses, and press boxes.

The Benefits of a Clean Stadium

Your fans deserve a great environment when they come to enjoy a game. After all, they’re spending their time and hard-earned money to show their support. But it goes beyond that. Power washing extends the life of surfaces, and when it’s as big of an investment as a stadium, it makes sense to maintain it rather than replace it.

By professionally beautifying and maintaining your stadium, you’ll accomplish the following:

  • Create a clean, healthy environment to watch a game.
  • Leave a positive impression on parents, alumni, and community members.
  • Allow your maintenance staff to focus on other high priority tasks.
  • Prevent mold and dirt buildup on concrete, brick, and vinyl surfaces.
  • Prevent rust and oxidation, and prolong the life of your bleachers.

The Tall Task of Power Washing a Stadium

You might be thinking, “You’re right, our bleachers do need to be cleaned. I’ll have our maintenance team get right on that.”

But a job of this size and time commitment, it’s an unrealistic task for your team. By deciding to take it in-house, you’ll need to:

  • Research and purchase the proper equipment and cleansers.
  • Know the right pressure and methods to use on every surface.
  • Spend weeks, if not months, to complete the task.
  • Pull your grounds staff off of other projects to complete the cleaning.

Maintenance staffs often have an exhaustive list of tasks that need to be addressed over the course of a summer. Relying on your internal team to power wash will push other high priority jobs to the wayside.

The Perfect Stadium Process

On the day of your service, our team of highly trained infield service members arrives ready to clean. We bring as many service vehicles and technicians as we’ll need to get the job done in a single day.

Using our proprietary detergents and professional equipment, we’ll make your stadium sparkle. Leaving no nook and cranny uncleaned, we ensure the best possible results for your seats, concourse, buildings, and everything that needs to be cleaned.

It’s time for your stadium to be cleaned, give our commercial power washing team a call today. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs, provide a free estimate, and get your stadium ready for your home opener.


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