The Dream Team Visits Love an Angel

The Perfect Power Wash Dream Team is dedicated and passionate about beautifying the properties of Northeast Ohio nonprofits. When a nomination was submitted, asking we visit The Love an Angel Foundation based in New Franklin, Ohio, we couldn’t have been more excited. A few days later, our team headed out to beautify their 125-year-old home that serves as their headquarters. Using our proven process, professional equipment, and proprietary cleansers, our team made the home shine again.

Who is Love an Angel

In the early months of 1998, 9-month-old Madeline Webber was diagnosed with Angelman’s Syndrome (AS). After attending the National Angelman Foundation Conference in Canada, Maddie’s family knew they wanted to bring awareness of AS to Northeast Ohio.

Since its creation, Love an Angel has dedicated their time to aiding, educating, and supporting families of individuals with Angelman Syndrome. They provide a welcoming environment for the Angels and their family to interact with others and to spread awareness of AS.

Their annual events, like the For the Love of an Angel Dinner and Silent Auction, as well as Biking for Angels, help raise money to spread awareness of AS.

Love an Angel is currently raising money to build an indoor playground for families to use year-round. Through the love and support of the community, they have raised $219,000 ($5,200 more than their goal).

What is Angelman Syndrome?

Angelman Syndrome is a rare neuro-genetic disorder. It occurs on the maternal leg of the 15th chromosome due to deletion or mutation of a specific gene. Individuals with Angelman Syndrome are known for their abundance of laughter and happiness. Other traits include:

  • Hyperactivity
  • Seizures
  • Absence of functional speech
  • Movement and balance disorders

This genetic disorder was given its name in 1965 by Dr. Harry Angelman after he worked with three individuals who had the traits of AS. However, it wasn’t truly accepted in the medical community until the late 80s. Within the last 20 years, awareness has spread thanks to organizations like Love an Angel.

The Dream Team

The Perfect Power Wash Dream Team is a group of our infield service members who are committed to “Random Acts of Cleanness” around Northeast Ohio. Since the creation of this group, we have beautified the Norton Fire Department, Boys & Girls Club of Cleveland, and Love an Angel.

The Dream Team’s goal is to give the gift of clean to individuals who go out of their way to better the lives of others. Whether it’s an organization like Love an Angel, a small business, or simply an individual – we want to thank them for contributions to the community.

Our team needs your help to find those who deserve a visit from the Dream Team. It doesn’t matter how big, small, clean, or dirty, every submission counts. We urge you to nominate your local nonprofit, church, or other deserving location for a visit from our team.

Take part in giving the gift of clean, by nominating them today.


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