House Washing Houston

Rid Your Houston Home Of Exterior Mold And Mildew.

If you don’t regularly wash the exterior of your Houston home, it won’t be long until mold, mildew and many other contaminants become embedded in your siding.  Not only does this affect market value and curb appeal, but it can be dangerous to the exterior of your house and have a negative impact on your siding.  Any time there is standing water after a heavy rain, your home can be impacted.  Let Perfect Power Wash in Houston restore your home’s siding to its original beauty with service only a professional can provide.

Our safe, reliable Pressure House Washing System is perfect for your siding, no matter what material it’s made from.  Whether it’s vinyl, aluminum, cedar, or any other material, our biodegradable cleaners are gentle and will protect your house from buildup. Our soft bristle brushes and signature double fresh water rinse ensure that your home has never been more beautiful, nor more protected.

Whether you just want your house to look great, or you want to protect your home against dangerous contaminants like mold and mildew, now is the time to contact Perfect Power Wash in Houston to get an instant quote, or call us at 800-388-8215 to schedule a visit.


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