Steps to an Ice Dam Removal

Do you think you have an ice dam? If so, you are likely seeking the steps to a proper ice dam removal. Here is the general process for identifying and removing an ice dam:

PPW-BlogImages-Nov15_0002_PPW-Images-Ice-On-Gutter-3-Sep13(1)The first step is, of course, identifying that you do have an ice dam.

What is the difference between ice accumulation and an actual ice dam? It can be difficult, especially in the middle of inclement weather such as frigid temperatures and ice and snow accumulation, to identify that an ice dam has formed. While some ice dams, such as those that form around your chimney or skylights, are more difficult to spot, you will usually be able to identify those that form around the exterior edges of your roof. Some of these physical signs include:

  • Water dripping down the exterior siding of your home, or ice forming
  • Very large icicles forming on the edge of your roof or your gutter
  • Water seeping through a window or door frame

The second step is calling on a professional ice dam removal service.

There are many reasons to call on the professionals, rather than attempting to remove an ice dam on your own. For one, it is dangerous for a homeowner to climb onto the roof, particularly with the added hazards of snow and ice creating a very slippery surface. And, second, a professional ice dam removal service will employ a proven safe and effective steaming method to thoroughly remove the ice dam. Steaming is the only safe method of ice dam removal that will not cause exterior damage to your home. It requires both professional equipment and professional expertise to be done properly.

The final step is taking action to address the root cause of the problem.

Ice dams are usually not caused solely by exterior sources. They usually stem from the issue of poor attic insulation or temperature control in the attic. If excessive warm air is in your home’s attic, snow on the roof will go through a constant process of thawing and refreezing, causing an ice dam to form.

When you spot ice dams on your roof, do not delay: Call the professional ice dam removal team at Perfect Power Wash. Let the trained professionals safely remove your ice dams before they cause damage to your home.


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