Soft vs. Pressure vs. Power Washing

Soft washing or pressure washing- what’s the best solution for your home? Unless you’re working in either industry, you’re likely unaware of the rather heated debate going on with folks around the country in the exterior cleaning industry on which technique is better – and even more likely is that if you’re reading this, you don’t care – but you should.

Why should you? Because results matter. Perfect results matter. It’s your home – it’s often the largest investment you’ll make in your lifetime. Keeping it clean and maintained is important not just for you, but for your family, guests, and neighbors. Let’s take a look at the two techniques, the differences in the results, and what Perfect Power Wash does to make sure that your home doesn’t suffer the consequences of using only a single cleaning method.

Soft Washing

Soft washing is defined as using very light pressure with a cleaning system and a cleanser to eliminate organic contaminants. No high pressure is ever used, and cleansers are relied on to do all the work. The risk of damage to landscaping is high if you’re not adhering to strict national standards on the proper mix, application, and usage. This is the preferred method for house siding, however certain situations require dialing up the pressure for heavily contaminated areas or reaching second and third stories of homes. It’s also not very effective at cleaning concrete – a rigid, porous surface that oftentimes requires higher pressures to get that deep down, embedded dirt and grime.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is defined as using high-pressure water and little to cleanser to force organic contaminants off of the surface. The risk of damage, specifically to siding and roofs, is high when utilizing this method. Unless you’re using robot-like precision-control on your wand, even halfway decent results will typically do some type of damage to a home. If you’re using this method on a roof – well, you’ve just voided your roof warranty, become ineligible for any homeowners insurance claims, and done severe damage to the integrity of your roof. YouTube is filled with cringe-worthy amateurs (and sadly some “professionals”) that are using high pressure on a roof.

Why This Should Matter to You

Big picture – limiting yourself to one technique and trying to properly clean a property is like trying to use only one tool to build a deck. Sure, you can use a hammer to pound in your nails, but cutting boards to length with that same hammer is going to provide an undesirable result.

But why would someone that claimed to be a professional in this industry stick to just one method? Simple. It’s significantly cheaper. Most of these folks you’ll see rolling around in a consumer-grade truck, hauling the equipment in the bed or being towed in a horse trailer. All in, those setups cost around $3,500 and are purchased pre-fabricated from a few vendors. Sure they’re offering you a lower price for your project since their costs are lower, but the quality of the result on your home will significantly suffer. Remember, these are the guys building a deck with only a hammer.

Infographic on types of exterior cleaning.

The Perfect Power Wash Approach

Perfect Power Wash is different – we don’t take a side. We’re not trying to find the cheapest way to clean a property. We’re also not taking a side in the debate, in fact, we embrace both sides of the spectrum.

We utilize a safe, surface-specific, custom cleaning solution for each property. No two homes are the same, and no two solutions are the same. Our cleaning process is custom-tailored to each home, each surface, and the level of organic contamination we encounter.

Our team is trained in both the pressure washing and soft washing methods, and further trained on how to properly identify which method (or a mix of methods) to use for each surface, given the unique circumstances encountered at each property. It’s an art and a science, and we’ve mastered both.

Moreover, our fleet of 36 service vehicles is each equipped with both soft washing and pressure washing equipment, along with a third group of specialized equipment that allows us to have varying amounts of pressure when we really need that precise, surface-specific, safe cleaning method.

When our team shows up at your home, we’re bringing with us over $60,000 of power washing equipment in a commercial service vehicle. We’re so serious about making sure that safe, effective, and absolutely perfect results are delivered to your home that we’ve made a substantial investment to make sure that we have the right equipment for any situation we encounter on your property. But we have more than just the right tools.

Each and every one of our over 50 in-field service team members are certified by the PWNA, the Power Washers of North America, and endures hundreds of hours of training before they ever head out to a customer’s home. Moreover, we have a quality assurance team that spot checks each job with each technician each and every day, to ensure that our standards are met, processes are being followed, and that each customer is thrilled with the job we do for them. Right people and right tools – check. But we take yet another step.

When deciding on a home service provider, trust above all else, should truly be the driving force in your decision, if all else is equal. Perfect Power Wash has more reviews than every other power washing company in the country, combined – and we exclusively work in Northeast Ohio. We’ve also made a significant investment in the latest technology to send a text and email to each of our customers on their day of service with a photo of their assigned team of technicians when they’re on the way to the job, plus an Uber-style map with their location so you’ll always know the exact moment they’ll arrive. Plus, the star ratings from each of their previous customers are included, along with a personal biography of the staff. You’ll always be able to trust who is showing up at your home.

What does that mean for you? You’re getting the safest, most trusted, best cleaning for your property. Our quality is unmatched. We’re also not the cheapest company out there. In fact, if you’re the type of person that gets three quotes for every home improvement project, we’re likely going to be the highest of the three – and that’s fine, we’re worth a few extra bucks.

As a homeowner, the choice is yours. Do you want untrained, uncertified “professionals” using only one method and cheap products to take care of the largest investment you’ll make in your life? Or, do you want Perfect Power Wash, who is certified, licensed, and trained professional team members to arrive on your property and deliver you a safe, custom cleaning solution that leaves your house the cleanest on the block and the envy of the neighborhood?


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