Signs Your Deck Needs Some TLC

PerfectPowerWash-Patio-Washing-Apr15A deck is a valuable extension of a home, providing a space for entertainment and relaxation throughout the year. However, a deck has to endure the elements of the outdoors. In some areas of the country, this means intense temperature fluctuations, harsh winters with heavy snow, and spring seasons with high amounts of rainfall. All of this can be extremely tough on a deck, even one built with composite materials touted as being low-maintenance or virtually maintenance free.

Just as we clean other areas of our home’s exterior, we also need to clean our wood and composite decks. Pay attention to these signs that your deck needs some extra care and could benefit from a professional power wash:

  • A dull, faded appearance: Has your deck lost its natural wood aesthetic over the years? Many decks are built with beautiful, rich wood but, over time, those wood pieces can become dull and muted as the result of a buildup of dirt and grime. You don’t have to just live with a faded deck. Restore your deck to its natural beauty with a safe, effective pressure wash.
  • The presence of black or green spots and streaks. Those blemishes on the surface of your deck are not just an eyesore; they are signs of harmful algae and mold. While we worry about the presence of these contaminants on our home’s siding and roof, we sometimes forget these living organisms often adhere to our deck, as well. If you do not take action, you could be breathing in the spores of algae and mold every time you host a barbecue or sunbathe on your deck. That is certainly not ideal. A thorough deck cleaning using specialized cleaning detergents will kill these contaminants and help prevent them from returning.
  • Corroded deck fasteners and connectors. Over time, metal fasteners used in building your deck will be prone to corrosion, a degradation process that happens when metal materials interact with chemicals in the environment. A routine fresh water power wash will help prevent corrosion.

Do you recognize these signs of wear and tear on your deck? Call Perfect Power Wash today to schedule your professional deck cleaning.


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