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Mold, mildew, dirt and other contaminants build up on the surfaces and in the crevices of your home.

It’s just a matter of time before those tiny, dirty spots attract more debris, and the sides of your home are covered and discolored by contaminants.  Not only does this look unsightly and lower your home value, but those mold and mildew spores work their way into your home, breeding an unhealthy environment for your family.

Our Perfect House Wash has the right mix of safe pressure and biodegradable cleansers to rid your home of these unwelcome guests.  Regularly scheduled cleanings are recommended, as prolonged contamination leads to permanently embedded staining, mandating replacement.

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Deep Clean Your Eaves & Soffits

Your Eaves and Soffits are a great hiding place for dirt and critters

One of the areas that dirt, along with insect and larger particulate matter like to accumulate is under the eaves and soffits of your home. Not rinsed by rainwater and often getting the least amount of sunlight, the few feet of siding under eaves and soffits are a breeding ground for insects like spiders, mosquitos, bees, and other creepy critters.  Not only does this look nasty, but these insects continually leave behind droppings that build up on your siding.

The Perfect House Wash cleanses the dirt that builds up under eaves and soffits and flushes away all the insects and by-products they leave behind.  Since this area gets less sun and is more susceptible to particulate accumulation, the potential for embedded staining is much higher and happens faster than other areas of the home.

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Cleaning Gutters & Downspouts

Take charge of your gutters and downspouts

Gutters and downspouts are usually one of the first places to show the discoloration on the home.  Metals, the types of material that the overwhelming majority of gutters are made of, carry a positive electrical charge.  Any negatively charged particles in the air are attracted to the positive charge of the metal (opposites attract!), and the particles form an electric bond with the gutter called Electrostatic Bonding.  Impossible to remove with normal household cleaners, it requires specialized cleansers and process specifically designed to break this electrostatic bond.  Left untreated, this bond quickly becomes permanent, and your only recourse is to paint or replace the gutter.

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Did You Know?

Just how does mildew and algae survive on vinyl siding?  Trees, both evergreen and deciduous, expel tiny aerosols of sugar into the air at different times of the year.  Regardless if trees line your property or if they’re hundreds of yards away, those sugars make their way onto your siding and become fuel for mildew and algae growth, as well as helping contaminants adhere to the siding.

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