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Restore and Protect Your Concrete Surfaces

Due to its porous nature, concrete is an ideal environment for dirt, mold, and mildew

Under a microscope, you’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference between your kitchen sponge and the concrete that makes up your driveway (unless your sponge is pink and then it’s probably not too difficult).  Concrete is very porous, and those pores are a natural part of the curing process of the concrete as the water evaporates out of it.  Over time, rain carries road dirt, salt, and other contaminants into the concrete through those pores making it look dingy. To make matters worse, during the winter months, when water freezes, it expands – by 9% – causing cracking, chipping, pitting and spalling.  Once in need of repair, a concrete driveway can cost tens of thousands of dollars to replace – not to mention weeks of inconvenience not having a driveway.

The Concrete Wash & Seal is a safe pressure, deep cleaning of the concrete to flush contaminants from the pores.  We then apply a premium, penetrating, siloxane sealer that protects the concrete but doesn’t alter its appearance.

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Did You Know?

Nabataea traders, or Bedouins, were the first users of concrete material near Syria in 6500 BC.   Around 300 BC, the Romans perfected the type of concrete that is still in use today.  The Bedouins and Romans, it turns out, had something in common – they had no idea how to keep that very porous material clean.  Just like it does in the modern day, dirt, mildew, and algae made their way into the pores of the concrete making it look dirty and unattractive.

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