Recognizing the Most Common Home Exterior Contaminants

Turn a critical eye on your home’s exterior: What do you see? Generally, if your home’s exterior has not been cleaned in some time, you may observe that its siding and concrete surfaces appear dirty or dingy. But what is really lurking on your home’s surface? Learning to recognize the most common contaminants on your home’s exterior can help you take appropriate action to protect your family’s safety as well as your home’s structural integrity.

PerfectPowerWash-House-Power-Washing-Apr15Oil or Gasoline Stains: Sometimes, when you eat a greasy food such as a hamburger or French fries, the food will leave a soil stain on your napkin or food wrapper that looks damp or wet. The same thing happens when oil or gasoline stains your concrete driveway or sidewalk. Over time, tiny drips of oil can really accumulate, particularly if cars are regularly parked in the same spot.

Black Algae: Many people overlook black algae, thinking the small, black dots or streaks are simply soot or dirt. If you look carefully at your roof, you will likely notice that these spots are not dirt. Black algae is not simply unsightly; it is potentially dangerous to you and your family’s health. It is best removed and destroyed through a professional pressure wash.

Green Moss: Green moss looks like tiny balls or spurts of lime green growth, usually growing in cracks, around edges of sidewalk or driveways, or between the shingles of your roof. While moss is not inherently dangerous, it can become a major threat to your roof. When moss is left to grow and thrive on your roof, it can grow to be very thick. Thick moss keeps your roof shingles damp for long periods of time, promoting wood rot.


Grime: In the power washing industry, we use this word often. When we reference grime, we are referring to dirt that has become ingrained on your home’s exterior. This means it is literally adhered to the exterior surfaces of your home, from siding and roof shingles to the driveway and sidewalk. If you see a filmy, dirty layer on your home’s surfaces—sometimes it looks like the light gray shading of a pencil—it is a buildup of grime.


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