Professional Power Washing Equipment

Having the surfaces at your home professionally cleaned is critical to ensure the best results possible. Attempting to power wash your home by yourself is not only time consuming, but it can also cause irreversible damage. Professional-grade equipment and cleansers applied by experienced technicians at a safe pressure is the key to the best outcome.

At Perfect Power Wash, our in-field staff members are equipped with trucks holding $60,000 in equipment that far exceeds the industry standard. Our equipment and processes are designed to perform each service as professionally, efficiently, and safely as possible. There are several costs and factors to consider when taking on a project yourself. You must consider:

  • Power washing opportunity cost.
  • The cost of buying or renting a power washer.
  • The cost of purchasing quality cleansers.
  • Safety for you and your home.

Let’s explore these:

Power Washing Opportunity Cost

Consider the staggering opportunity cost of power washing your home or other surfaces on your property. The equipment and cleansers often found in hardware stores are not professional grade. As a result, it will take more time to do it yourself than our services. In the time that we can complete a house wash for you, you could go about your workday, spend time with your family, or just kick back and enjoy your day knowing that your property is in great hands. Furthermore, this frees up two days that you were likely planning to spend on the weekend undertaking this tiresome chore. With no professional experience and lower-grade equipment, washing just your house could take you upwards of three to four days. That same service takes our team a couple of hours. The opportunity cost outweighs the cost of the service.

Power Washing Equipment and Cleansers

The cost of the equipment and cleansers should not be looked at as a short-term savings. For the money you are spending on a quality power washer and cleansers, you are generally spending a similar amount as you would on a service from a professional cleaning company. The long-term health of your property’s exterior is the primary focus. A good pressure washer costs upwards of $1,000 to purchase. On top of that, a quality cleanser will cost roughly $40 per container. The cost of the cleansers is generally higher when you are buying smaller amounts, as industrial cleansers are generally purchased in bulk.

Power Washing Safety Concerns

Your health and the integrity of your home are at risk when taking on power washing by your lonesome. Climbing on the roof to get to those hard-to-reach areas is dangerous. This is largely due to the fact that you are spraying a hose while focusing primarily on the siding instead of your footing. Our in-field staff is trained with the safest and most effective technology in the industry. Beyond that, you can cause irreversible damage to the siding/surface by using too much pressure. This high pressure can put holes in the siding, allowing contaminants and water to enter more easily and lead to premature replacement. We use safe pressure on your siding to ensure quality while not harming your largest investment.

Leave It To Power Washing Professionals

Instead of going through all the trouble of running around from place to place buying equipment for work you don’t normally do while running the risk of being dissatisfied, call the professionals at Perfect Power Wash. We can set the entire service up over a short phone call and save you the trouble.


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