Preparing Your Deck for Winter

PerfectPowerWash-Patio-Washing-Apr15Sometime during the fall, as the temperatures drop and snow begins to fall, we begin to use our decks less and less. The summer and fall season can be hard on our decks: Think of the foot traffic, food spills or barbecue stains, and buildup of dirt that occurs. Then, if left uncleaned, our weathered decks must take on the harsh winter weather.

It is very important to take some time before the onslaught of winter to thoroughly clean and winterize your deck. Otherwise, snow, ice, sleet and other precipitation can cause irreversible damage. There are several steps you can take to prepare your deck for the winter:

  • Start with a thorough cleaning. You may choose to clean your deck on your own with a garden hose, rinsing away dirt and stains as well as any evidence of mold, algae or moss growing on the deck surfaces. Or, you could call on a professional power washing company to safely wash your deck and use cleansers that will kill any contaminants and remove grime to restore your deck’s natural look.
  • Put away any planters or deck furniture in storage. Rather than allowing snow to accumulate on these items, store them in a garage or shed, if possible. Keeping these items in a safe, dry place will help prevent the growth of mold or rust from forming.
  • Walk on and around your deck to check for structural issues. For example, you might come across loose or cracked wood planks or wobbly handles or railings. Not only are these safety issues, but they can leave your deck in a weakened state for the winter season. This increases the chance of damage.
  • Assess the landscape around your deck. Are there low-hanging branches that might fall on your deck during a winter storm? Try to remove any potential risks that could damage your deck during the winter season.

If you are considering a thorough deck cleaning before winter, call the team at Perfect Power Wash. Our safe, effective cleaning will remove any surface dirt, kill any contaminants, and leave your deck looking like new.


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