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Eliminate Harmful Algae Before Roof Damage Occurs

Those unsightly black streaks on your roof are more than just dirt, mold or mildew.  The presence of black streaks means that your roof may be experiencing the damage from Gloeocapsa magma.  This algae grows in moist areas and feeds on limestone – a key component to shingles.  Luckily, these streaks can be removed from your Pittsburgh home!  Read on for tips on how to make sure that your home looks the best it can.

    • Get a pro to help you.  Professional roof cleaning companies, such as Perfect Power Wash, are trained to deal with black algae stains.  We clean your roof with pressure washing and chemicals to eliminate the algae growth and return your roof to like new condition.


    •  Prevent future growth with an algae inhibitor.  Our process includes using a chemical algae inhibitor which means that you won’t see the regrowth of algae on your roof in the short term.  This is one of the most important parts of the process.


Get rid of the ugly black streaks on your roof.  Call Perfect Power Wash today for our affordable and effective roof cleaning service in the Pittsburgh area.


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