House Washing in Pittsburgh, PA

Restore Your Home with Professional Power Washing

If you haven’t been able to figure out why potential buyers in the Troy Hill area aren’t interested in your home, it could be your siding. If your home looks lifeless and dull, then mold, mildew, dirt and pollen may be lodged in the surface of your siding. The good news is that with a professional power washing, your Pittsburgh home can look like new, becoming an enticing place for your friends and family to visit and having the curb appeal that you need to get buyers interested. Here are just a few reasons that you should considering hiring a professional to clean the outside of your home:

Cleaning siding is best left to a professional. Second-story elevations that need to be cleaned and unbalanced, long ladders can spell disaster for a homeowner. By letting the professional, insured team of power washing specialists at Perfect Power Wash tackle your job, you can be certain of the results and that you and your family will stay safe.

Siding can be sensitive. A DYI pressure washing job may actually damage your home. Professional pressure washing specialists know that some surfaces, like cedar or stucco, can be marred if the incorrect pressure is used. If you don’t want to risk damage, leave power washing to the professionals.

Water works, but cleaning requires detergent. At Perfect Power Wash, we use more than just water. We also use soft bristle brushes and biodegradable detergents to bring your home’s siding back to life, without risking damage to your lawn or landscaping.

Contact Perfect Power Wash in Pittsburgh today for beautiful, clean siding and let our professional, insured staff clean the grime and dirt from your home.


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