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Contacting Perfect Power Wash is the easiest and most effective way to beautify your home. Our house washing service uses safe pressure and biodegradable cleansers to remove mold, mildew, dirt, and just about anything that’s built up on your siding. So, whether you’re preparing to host a party, gearing up to sell your home, or simply looking to keep it in the best shape possible, contact Perfect Power Wash for all your house washing needs. You can book an appointment in a matter of minutes.

Why should you choose Perfect Power Wash to clean your home? Our attention to detail. Perfect Power Wash’s expert power washers show up to your home in professional uniforms and with a smile on their faces. We clean every eave, soffit, fascia, and crevice on your home’s exterior. We do every little thing we can to produce perfect house washing results, and we’ve done so for 89,290 homeowners in the last 19 years.

Contact Perfect Power Wash today to set up a Perfect House Wash. Our experienced customer service team is here to answer your questions and ensure all services are performed perfectly.


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While siding can easily discolor and stain, the same is true for gutters and downspouts. Metals, which most gutters are made from, carry a positive electrical charge. Any negatively charged particles in the air are attracted to the metal, and the particles form an electric bond with the gutter. This process causes staining and discoloration. While impossible to remove with normal household cleaners, Perfect Power Wash uses a professional process to restore your gutters to a like-new condition. Our gutter scrubbing service has proven to be the perfect complement to getting your siding washed.

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Just how do mildew and algae survive on vinyl siding? Trees, both evergreen and deciduous, expel tiny aerosols of sugar into the air at different times of the year. Regardless if trees line your property or if they’re hundreds of yards away, those sugars make their way onto your siding and become fuel for mildew and algae growth, as well as helping contaminants adhere to the siding.

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