Multi-Living Facilities

Welcome them home with a perfect clean

Your residents deserve a clean place to call home

Appearance is everything for prospective and current renters alike. Apartment complexes, retirement communities, and long-term care facilities all benefit from a great appearance.

Current tenants want to take pride that they live in a clean home. Prospective tenants appreciate curb appeal and reward great looking properties by renting. Filthy, algae and mildew covered siding doesn’t scream “rent me!”, nor do moldy deck boards and moss-lined roofs do anything to attract or keep tenants. It’s also likely a daunting task for your overworked maintenance staff to try and keep up with the dirt, while at the same time handling all the tenant issues and repairs that come with a multi-living facility. Nearly every client we work with has shared with us the frustrations of trying to handle these dirty problems using their in-house maintenance staff – and it’s a problem Perfect Power Wash is uniquely suited to solve.

We offer the perfect wash for your facility

Speed & Efficiency

Perfect Power Wash gets in and gets out, but we never get in the way

Our long-term beautification and maintenance strategy helps keep your property looking its best year after year – but perfectly clean buildings are just the beginning. Only Perfect Power Wash can offer one-day service for nearly all multi-living facilities. Our large fleet of 30 service vehicles can arrive on your property in the morning, and depart in the evening leaving your entire property sparkling. You’ll also have a dedicated project manager overseeing the entire process from start to finish, giving you a single point of contact handling all the details – letting you and your team get on with your busy days. Minimizing tenant disruption while beautifying your property – something no other power washing company can offer. What’s there to think about?

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