Hunter's Chase

Hunter's Chase is a big place, so cleaning it requires a big team

How One Day Service Won Out

Since 2004, the rate of home ownership in the United States has dropped by over 5%, increasing the rental market by 770,000 people, according to the New York Times. That increase has caused quite a boom in the apartment construction market, with more than 320,000 new apartments completed in 2016 – a 50% increase over 2015.

With this large influx in renters, the pressure is on the apartment managers to differentiate themselves from the competition, new and old. Short of adding amenities like in-ground pools, workout facilities, and other high-dollar investments, what’s the best way to stand out in such a highly-competitive market?

That was the question the leadership team at Hunters Chase asked themselves in early 2017. It turns out, their answer was simple – beautify and maintain their property by turning to the commercial division at Perfect Power Wash.

Upon close inspection, the siding on all 10 buildings at the 14-acre facility were in need of a good cleaning. Algae, dirt, and other contaminants had built up on the vinyl sided units, detracting from the look of the buildings and giving residents and prospective renters a negative impression of the units before they even stepped foot inside.

The team at Hunters Chase had traditionally used their in-house maintenance staff to clean the exterior of the property, but that took them away from other higher-priority tasks like resident issues and general upkeep of the units. Plus, trying to have a small team of maintenance staff clean 220,068 square feet of decking, brick, and vinyl siding proved a daunting and ultimately insurmountable task. Hunters Chase needed all of the units cleaned as quickly as possible, with no impact on their maintenance staff, and as little disruption to the residents as possible. Perfect Power Wash accepted that challenge.

Using 10 service vehicles out of their fleet of 30, the team at Perfect Power Wash arrived on site at 8:00 am with a dozen highly-trained technicians and an on-site project manager. Each technician set off on their specified route, and quickly eradicated contaminants from the siding, brick, and wood decking at each of the 244 units. Using biodegradable cleansers and efficient processes refined over 19 years in business, each freshly cleaned unit sparkled by 4:00 pm, and the team left the property.

By arriving after most residents had left for work, and completing before they’d returned, the vast majority of residents never even knew work had been completed on the property, nor were they inconvenienced. They simply came home to a clean home.

The added benefit of having a one-day service completion was a significant factor in the decision to move from in-house maintenance staff to the team at Perfect Power Wash.

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