Cleaning Cedar Point

The Thrill of a Clean Amusement Park

When the “Amazement Park” needed a deep clean, Perfect Power Wash stepped up to the challenge.

The sound of screaming might be a cause for alarm, unless it’s heard at Cedar Point, one of the flagship amusement parks in the world. In this case, it’s the sound of pure joy coming out of the mouths of nearly every park attendee – and for good cause. Since 1870, Cedar Point has been entertaining people on their 364-acre facility and has received the award for “Best Amusement Park in the World” from Amusement Today for 16 consecutive years. It entices over 3.51 million visitors a year with its world-record 71 rides and 16 roller coasters.

With hundreds of accolades and awards delivered over its nearly 150 years in business, one it has seldom received is “Cleanest Park.” Only awarded to Cedar Point twice (2004 and 2005), it’s one they’re looking to receive again – with the help of Perfect Power Wash.

Measuring more than three miles of concrete midway, Cedar Point has one of the largest installations of concrete in the Continental United states – and the first impression a guest gets upon arrival? The look of the entryway, which is primarily concrete.

It’s not surprising that the concrete entryway needs restoration – that entryway has over 100,000,000 individual footsteps on it each year, not to mention gum, food, and the ever-present seagull droppings. That’s where Perfect Power Wash was able to help. Backed by the knowledge and experience of 19 years servicing concrete surfaces, which amount to cleaning over 20 million square feet of concrete – the equivalent of 400 football fields – the team set out to exceed expectations of the Cedar Point staff and delight guests.

Sending a portion of their fleet of 30 service vehicles, the team arrived on site and immediately set to work removing set-in gum, dirt and grime, and other contaminants from all the flat surfaces.

The park was set to open to season-pass holders only a week after this cleaning, and the team at Perfect Power Wash completed the service in a single day, reducing interruption to the already very busy park staff. Moreover, the first early-season guests at the park didn’t have to walk on dirty surfaces when they set out to enjoy their day at the park.

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