Does Your Property Need Some TLC?

If you love your Toledo, Ohio, home or want your customers to see your attention to detail in the way that you care for your property, then let Perfect Power Wash help you maintain your property.  Our innovative truck-mounted power washing machines give us the flexibility and power to reach many different areas of your home or office area.

With this technology, we can service your property in ways you may have never considered.  Our roof cleaning specialists use a custom blended shingle cleaner with an inhibitor than can not only remove the black stains from your roof, but prevent them from recurring.  These stains are the result of the presence of an algae that eats the limestone portion of your shingles, doing damage to your home or office.  Not only are these stains not appealing to look at, but your roof material is being compromised.

Parking lots and driveways are another area where Perfect Power Wash can help.  If you own a strip center, a standalone building or are responsible for maintaining schools, then you know the amount of debris, oil stains, spilled drinks and discarded gum a parking lot can accumulate.  Our industrial strength power washing units can remove these stains, giving your property a fresh look.  For the home, our power washing service can remove mold, mildew and dirt from your driveway and front walk, giving your home a fresh, clean appearance.  This is a great service before you sell your home!

If you enjoy sitting on your deck, then consider using our deck cleaning and restoration service.  Many composite manufacturers say that their products don’t require maintenance. If you have one of those decks, you know that they require more than just a quick hosing off.  Our deck restoration service uses gentle, biodegradable cleaning agents that remove the dirt, mold and mildew that can grow in the grooves of your deck.  After just a short service, you’ll love how your deck looks!

Whether you own commercial property, are the property manager for a school or feel that your home could use some freshening up, let Perfect Power Wash help today!  Call for an instant quote and a convenient service time.

We offer the following services in the Toledo area:


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