Deck Power Washing

Perfect Power Wash Residential Deck Power Washing

Spending time outdoors is one of the joys of living in Streetsboro

You will really enjoy your time outdoors if your deck is in good condition. The trained, insured experts at Perfect Power Wash of Streetsboro can clean and seal your concrete, wood or composite deck, giving it a fully restored new look. Let our professionally trained teams eliminate the buildup of dirt, grime and algae that can cause your deck surface to have a dull, faded appearance. At Perfect Power Wash, we can restore your deck to like new condition quickly and efficiently.

How do we get such great results? Our teams use a comprehensive pressure washing service in all of our deck washing projects. As we work, you will see that contaminants, dirt and mold will be removed from your deck surface in just moments. As part of our service, we also employ biodegradable detergents and a soft brushing system to fully clean the surface, making sure every last bit of debris is removed. At the end make sure that every last bit of debris has been cleaned from the surface. At the end of our treatment we can finish with a sealant or you can simply apply your own stain to your newly cleaned deck. Perfect Power Wash of Streetsboro is ready to help you create a deck that is the center of your relaxing backyard.

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