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Perfect Power Wash Roof Before and After

Have you ever noticed how black streaks on your Parma roof can age your home?

While you may think that this unsightly substance is just dirt or the result of a tough winter, it isn’t. Experts have determined that these black streaks are as a result of aggressive algae known as Gloeocapsa Magma growing on your shingles. Limestone, one of the materials that this organism likes to feed on, can be damaged over the long term. This algae, as well as mold and mildew growth can leave your roof with a dingy, dirty, streaked look that can cause you embarrassment.

At Perfect Power Wash of Parma, we know how to safely clean your roof. Our teams of power washing professionals can safely remove the streaks and dirt from your roof without causing any damage. During each service, we use a low pressure soft wash roof cleaning process to protect your shingles from damage or roof leaks. While we are power washing your roof, we also use algaecide and a preventative agent to kill and neutralize the algae that causes the black streaks, preventing regrowth on your roof for the long term.

You will love the way that your Parma home looks with a freshly cleaned roof!

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