Roof Power Washing

Perfect Power Wash Roof Before and After

Black streaks on your North Olmsted roof are more than just dirt or the result of a tough winter.

In fact, if you do see black streaks on your roof, then you have an aggressive algae known as Gloeocapsa Magma growing on your shingles. This algae feeds on the materials that shingles are manufactured from, and when they are done feeding, they leave telltale black stains behind. This black algae as well as other mold and mildew growth can leave your roof with a dingy, dirty, streaked look as well as issues with a potentially permanently damaged roof.

At Perfect Power Wash of North Olmsted, our professional roof cleaning team can take care of removing the black streaks from your roof which will leave it with a like new condition. As part of our roof cleaning service, we use a low pressure soft wash roof cleaning process to protect your shingles from damage. In addition to pressure washing, our trained, insured teams use algaecide and a preventative agent to kill and neutralize the algae that causes the black streaks, protecting your roof for the long term.


You will love the way that your North Olmsted home looks with a freshly cleaned roof! Call us today to schedule a free instant quote!


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