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Perfect Power Wash Residential Deck Power Washing

We all love to spend time outdoors during the warmer months.

But, if your LaGrange is looking a bit more dingy and dull than you’d like it to, then it is time to get your deck cleaned and restored. The deck experts at Perfect Power Wash of LaGrange can quickly remove the buildup of dirt, grime and algae that can cause your deck surface to have a dull, faded, worn appearance. With our knowledgeable team and thorough process, we can tackle any type of deck cleaning, from wood to composite or even concrete decks. Let our pressure washing team restore your outdoor space.

What allows Perfect Power Wash of LaGrange to get such great results? With our heavy duty power washing equipment, we can quickly remove built up contaminants, dirt and mold from your deck’s surface. During the cleaning process, we use biodegradable cleaners and soft brushes to clean the surface fully, followed by a double rinse. This will not only protect your landscaping investment and your kids and pets, but provides amazing results. Perfect Power Wash of LaGrange can ensure that your deck becomes the centerpiece of all of your outdoor entertaining with friends and family.

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