Concrete Cleaning in Independence, OH

Trying to think of a home that doesn’t have concrete around it is nearly impossible!

Concrete is one of the most durable surfaces that can be used around an Independence home, it is a popular option for many homeowners and builders. While it is a durable surface, you may not realize that concrete is porous. That is the explanation for why your driveway, deck or sidewalk looks dingy. Over time, concrete can absorb a great deal of stains, including those from road salt, dirt, and chemicals. The pores in concrete can even harbor mold and mildew. Let Perfect Power Wash of Independence clean and seal your home’s concrete surfaces to return them to like new condition.

Our trained, insured teams can thoroughly clean and restore your dirty concrete with our professional, truck-mounted pressure washing system. We bring hand-wheeled equipment as well to reach more remote areas, giving us the flexibility to completely restore your home. Our team power wash your driveway, sidewalk, patio, porch or pool deck, removing contaminants and brightening the surface. We also take advantage of biodegradable cleaners and soft brushes to get every stain out. When we are done, we apply a clear liquid sealer that protects your concrete surface from future damage and water absorption.

Call Perfect Power Wash of Independence today and see how quickly we can clean your concrete surfaces. Our insured, expert power washing team can restore and seal your home’s concrete surfaces at your convenience.

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