Roof Cleaning in Eastlake, OH

Have you noticed unsightly black streaks on your Eastlake roof?

If you have, then you need to take notice because an alga called Gloeocapsa magma has made a home on your roof. This aggressive algae eat limestone in roofing materials and can actually damage your roof. As the algae and other mosses grow, they prevent proper drying of your roof leading to wet spots, rot, and even roof leaks. an aesthetic problem and should not be ignored. Without proper care, your roof can be permanently damaged.

The professionals at Perfect Power Wash of Eastlake can remove those black streaks, cleaning and restoring your roof. Our team of trained, insured specialists use heavy duty truck-mounted pressure washing equipment and cleansers that are safe for pets and landscaping materials. Our comprehensive cleaning process includes a low pressure soft wash combined with an algaecide to kill and neutralize the algae. At the end of our service, we add a preventative agent to ensure that there will be no new algae or moss growth for an extended period of time.

Let Perfect Power Wash of Eastlake restore your roof before irreparable damage is done and you have to get a new roof.

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