Roof Cleaning in Dayton, OH

Have you seen the black streaks on your roof?

Those black streaks on the roof of your Dayton home may be doing damage to the very materials that have been used to create your shingles.  While it may seem that your roof just has dirt or mildew on it, black roof streaks are usually the hallmark of damage from Gloeocapsa Magma.  A form of algae, this microorganism grows in moist areas and feeds on limestone which is a key component of shingles.  You can eliminate this unsightly and potentially damaging growth on your Dayton home!  Here are just a few things to know:

  • Get in touch with a professional roof cleaner.  By using a professional roof cleaning service, you can be sure that the job will get done right.  At Perfect Power Wash, we clean your roof with a powerful combination of pressure washing and chemicals to eliminate the algae growth that leaves black streaks.
  • Prevent the algae from coming back.  As part of your service, we use a chemical algae inhibitor. This means you won’t see the regrowth of algae on your roof in the short term.  Algae inhibitors are a critical part of the process.

You can eliminate ugly black streaks on your roof.  Call Perfect Power Wash today for our affordable and effective roof cleaning process in the Dayton area.  You’ll love the way your home looks!


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