Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Scrubbing Before and After

Don’t risk gutter backup – it can cost you thousands!

Gutter backup can do serious damage by directing water into the interior of your Dayton home.  Even the smallest clog can cause roof leaks, damaged drywall, mold growth and ineffective, sopping wet insulation.  We can help! Perfect Power Wash of Dayton can inspect and clean your gutters, ensuring good water flow.  Here is how a clogged gutter can impact your home.

  • Gutters direct water away from your home and out to the drainage system.  Clogged gutters prevent water from moving along the prescribed path to your drainage system.  When water can’t go where it should, it goes where it wants, finding a way into your home.
  • Clogged gutter can spell trouble.  Water will back-up behind a clogged gutter.  It has to go somewhere.  The water will usually enter into your home, destroying drywall, ceilings and personal items.  It can even cause basement flooding.
  • Gutters are an easy to care for.  Despite the amount of damage that a clogged gutter can do, they are easy to take care of.  The trained, insured team of gutter cleaning specialists at Perfect Power Wash can uses our gutter attachment pressure wash the interior of your gutters, eliminating dirt, bark and dead leaves.

Don’t wait and have damage to your Dayton home.   Choose the affordable option – professional gutter cleaning by Perfect Power Wash.  Call us today!