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Do Not Let Clogged Gutters Damage Your Columbus Home

If you are ignoring clogged gutters, then you may be playing a dangerous game.  A clogged gutter can cause a tremendous amount of damage to the interior of your Columbus home by causing roof leaks, damaged drywall, mold growth and ineffective, matted insulation.  Take a close look at your gutters before you have to make a claim!  Here are just a few reasons to get your gutters cleaned now:

  • Gutters do an important job! Gutters move water away from your home. Because Columbus sees a moderately high volume of annual rainfall, this is a very important function. Clogged gutters cannot move the water along the prescribed path, inviting a roof leak that can cause a ton of damage to your home.
  • Gutter backup can end up costing you thousands.  Water will find a way down when your gutters are clogged. That route is usually into your home, destroying drywall, flooding basements, soaking ceilings and personal items.
  • Gutters can be cleaned easily.  Instead of worrying about gutter damage, simply get your gutters cleaned.  With Perfect Power Wash, our trained, insured team utilizes our custom gutter attachment to force a stream of high pressure water into the gutter, removing dirt, bark and dead leaves.

Protect your home with regular, professional gutter cleaning. Perfect Power Wash cleans and restore gutters across Columbus! Call us today for a convenient instant quote.


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