Roof Cleaning in Columbus, OH

Get Rid of Dirty Black Streaks on Your Roof. Have you looked at roofs on homes in your Columbus neighborhood lately?  If you have, then you have seen the black streaks that are prevalent in the area.  Those black streaks are Gloeocapsa magma, a form of algae that grows in moist areas and feeds on limestone. Today’s roof shingles are largely made with limestone, which means this form of algae may be doing more than just leaving black streaks on your roof.  In fact, it may be eating away your roofing investment.  Is there anything that can be done to prevent the damage?

  • Using our professional team eliminates the safety issues of cleaning the roof yourself. Perfect Power Wash specializes in the gentle, yet thorough cleaning your roof needs. By getting your roof pressure washed, you can eliminate the safety issues you may encounter if you try to clean it yourself.
  • Prevent the algae from coming back. Perfect Power Wash can apply an algae-inhibiting solution which slows algae regrowth and delays the return of the black streaks.

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