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Scheduling a roof cleaning service in Cleveland has never been this easy. Call the team at Perfect Power Wash and book an appointment in just minutes. We complete your estimate over the phone via satellite in seconds. Our experienced customer service team is here to answer any of your questions and make you feel comfortable with our processes.

When it comes to your day of service, you don’t even have to be home. Our services, including our roof cleaning, are backed by 100% satisfaction guarantee. That means you can go about your day, and we’ll do everything we can to remove those black streaks, algae, moss, or whatever is growing on your roof.

Your home is likely your largest investment. It’s important to protect and maintain it. Your roof is a significant part of that investment and not maintaining it can lead to major repairs or a replacement. That’s why it’s critical to act quickly if you notice any growth or discoloration. So, now is the time to give Perfect Power Wash a call. We’ll be happy to explain how we restore Cleveland roofs.


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Professional Roof Cleaning in Cleveland

Cleaning and treating a roof is no easy task. First of all, it involves ladders. Unless you’re in the small minority of the Cleveland population, propping yourself up a couple of stories high doesn’t sound like a fun Sunday afternoon. Beyond safety concerns, achieving the desired result isn’t as simple as pressure washing your shingles. In fact, that’s the opposite of what you should do. Using a special cleanser with a soft wash, and only a soft wash, will safely get rid of the contaminants growing on your roof.

Does cleaning your roof sound a bit overwhelming? Well, that’s why Perfect Power Wash exists. We truly believe cleaning a roof should be left to professionals. Our technicians go through hundreds of hours of training in order to safely and effectively get the job done. We want to help you protect your roof.


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