Roof Washing in Cincinnati, OH

Rid Your Cincinnati Home of Those Ugly Black Roof Streaks

Nope, that’s not dirt or mildew on your roof.  In fact, if you are seeing black streaks on the roof of your Cincinnati home, you may be watching as your roof shingles are eaten away.  Black streaks are actually caused by Gloeocapsa magma, a form of algae that grows in moist areas and feeds on the limestone used to manufacture your shingles.  This alga can cause serious harm to your roof structure. You need to get those black streaks off of your roof right away!

Use a professional roof cleaning service.  Homeowners should not attempt to clean their roof as a “do it yourself” job. Roof cleaning requires the use of professional equipment for safety purposes, as well as to ensure that your roof is not damaged in the cleaning process. Having a professional roof cleaning service, such as Perfect Power Wash, clean your roof eliminates the black streaks and their potential for returning in one quick service call.

Algae inhibiting is part of the process.  When you use a professional pressure washing company, you can expect that they will use algae inhibitor sprayed onto the surface of the roof.  This will help to delay the return of the harmful algae—and those ugly black streaks.

You don’t have to live with ugly black streaks on your roof.  Call Perfect Power Wash of Cincinnati today for our affordable and effective roof cleaning process.  You’ll love the way your home looks!

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