Roof Cleaning in Canton, OH

Roof Cleaning Removes Dangerous Algae from Your Canton Home

Those black streaks on the roof of your Canton home are not mold or mildew. In fact, those black streaks that may appear to be dirt or mildew could be damaging your roof! Studies have shown those streaks are caused by Gloeocapsa magma, an algae that grows in moist areas and feeds on limestone. There are ways to eliminate this unsightly and potentially damaging algae growth:

  • Get the black streaks off of your roof with professional roof cleaning. Having a professional roof cleaning service, such as Perfect Power Wash of Canton, clean your roof eliminates the nasty black streaks and may prevent more damage to your shingles.
  • Algae inhibitor is a must! Using an algae inhibitor as part of the cleaning process will delay the return of the black streaks. This can be done after the cleaning and will give your roof a new life.
  • Zinc can prevent black streaks long term. Installing zinc strips on your roof, just beneath the ridge vent, can prevent black streaks from forming. The zinc rinses down the roof in the rain and prevents additional algae growth.

You don’t have to live with black streaks on your roof!  Call Perfect Power Wash of Canton today for our affordable and effective roof cleaning service.


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