House Washing

Residential Power Washing

Get your home’s siding looking like new!

Trying to clean your own siding can be nothing short of a real headache.  Not knowing how much pressure to use, and understanding how mold, mildew, dirt and pollen can lodge in the surface, may make cleaning your home difficult.  With a little help, you can get a beautiful home again.  Here are some things you need to know about house washing before you attempt it yourself:

  • Cleaning siding is best left to professionals.  Second story elevations, tall ladders and wet surfaces can be dangerous for untrained individuals.  To be safe, let a professional, insured team of power washing specialists like those at Perfect Power Wash tackle the job.
  • Protect your siding by knowing about different pressures.  Sensitive surfaces, like stucco and cedar siding, will mar if the incorrect pressure is used, doing damage to the home that simply can’t be repaired.  You’ll end up having to reinstall your siding or stucco, which can be costly.  Using a professional power washing service for your house washing protects your investment.
  • You’ll need more than just water.  Pressure washing requires more than just water.  In fact, many times a detergent is needed to eliminate all of the debris on a home.  At Perfect Power Wash we use soft bristle brushes and biodegradable detergents to make your home sparkle without risking damage to your landscaping.

Get your Canton home’s siding to looking like new!  Contact Perfect Power Wash today.  Our professional, insured staff will clean the grime and dirt from your home.  Call now!


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