Roof Cleaning in Bath, OH

Nothing makes your home look more dull and lifeless than black streaks on your roof

Not only are these black streaks unsightly, but they can damage your roofing materials. The cause of these black streaks – the growth of algae known as Gloeocapsa magma – can shorten the lifespan of your roofing materials as the growth of this algae and moss prevents your roof from drying properly.

A clean and restored roof is the key to making sure that your home looks up to date and that you don’t have any roof damage. Take advantage of the expertise of Bath’s Perfect Power Wash. Our trained, insured teams will use our thorough process and truck-mounted pressure washing equipment to get your roof clean and looking like new. During each and every service call, we use a low-pressure soft wash roof cleaning process that includes the use of algaecide to kill and neutralize the algae. We follow the initial treatment with a second application of algaecide and a preventative agent which inhibits new algae or moss growth for an extended period of time. Call Perfect Power Wash of Bath today and get your roof restored.

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