Power Washing in Bath, OH

Bath homes and businesses benefit from maintenance and restoration, especially if you love to have people visit your home or office. Let Perfect Power Wash of Bath assist you in keeping your home or commercial space clean and well-kept. Our team of trained technicians specializes in pressure washing services that are ideal for the Bath area and that can remove mold, mildew, dirt, debris, and pollutants that accumulate over time.

Why choose Perfect Power Wash of Bath? We focus on your complete satisfaction. During each and every service, you will see that our trained, insured technicians use the best equipment and biodegradable detergents on the market today. Our equipment includes truck-mounted and hand-wheeled pressure washing equipment that helps us to access everything from the smallest storage areas to the largest areas such as parking lots and parking garages.

As we work on your property, you will see us apply our landscape-safe cleaners with soft brushes, pressure washing the surface, and then rinsing twice to make sure all the residue is gone. Your home, office or commercial property will look like new after your Perfect Power Wash service.

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