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Perfect Power Wash Roof Before and After

Have you ever wondered what those unsightly streaks are on the roof of your Avon home?

Black streaks indicate the presence of an algae called Gloeocapsa Magma – an organism that feeds on the components of your roof shingles. The algae leaves black streaks that can make your roof look dingy and can shorten the life span of your roofing materials. The presence of this algae and other varieties of moss prevents your roof from drying properly, which can lead to soft spots, poor drainage and a rotted underlayment.

If you are tired of seeing black streaks on your roof, then let the expert power washing professionals at Avon’s Perfect Power Wash professionally clean and restore your roof. Our comprehensive process includes a low pressure soft wash roof cleaning process that includes the use of algaecide to kill and neutralize the algae. Our technicians always use a second application of chemicals and preventative agents to ensure that there will be no new growth for an extended period of that will create more streaks on your Avon roof.

Call Perfect Power Wash for your roof cleaning and restoration and see an immediate improvement in your curb appeal.

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