Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Scrubbing Before and After

Gutter Cleaning Prevents Damage to Your Akron Home

Ignoring your clogged gutters can cost you more than you may like.  Gutter backup can do serious damage to the interior of your Akron home by causing roof leaks, damaged drywall, mold growth and ineffective insulation.  Don’t risk thousands of dollars in damage and increased insurance rates because of claims from gutter damage.  Let Perfect Power Wash of Akron inspect and clean your gutters.  Here are just a few of the functions of gutters and how a clogged gutter can impact your home.

  • Gutters move water away from the interior of your Akron home. Clogged gutters are truly a hazard to a home as they cannot move the water along the prescribed path.  Water will find a way into your home, causing leak that can create a ton of damage.
  • Clogged gutters can be troublesome. Water will find a way into your home if it can’t go through the gutter.  The water has to go somewhere.  That “somewhere” is usually into your home, destroying drywall, ceilings and personal items.  The water can even go deep into your basement, causing flooding.
  • Gutters are an easy maintenance project. Clogged gutters can certainly do a lot of damage, but preventing it is as easy as getting your gutters cleaned up.  The trained, insured team of gutter cleaning specialists at Perfect Power Wash can uses our gutter attachment pressure wash the interior of your gutters, eliminating dirt, bark and dead leaves.

Don’t wait to clean your gutters until you have damaged your home.  When you need gutter cleaning in Akron, call on the professionals at Perfect Power Wash. Request a quote for services in your neighborhood today.


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