Concrete Cleaning

Concrete Power Washing

Clean and Seal Your Home’s Valuable Concrete

Dirty, dingy driveways, front walks and concrete patios can be a real eyesore for your Akron home.  They are the last thing that a potential buyer or guest want to see when they come to your home.  While you may have tried to clean your own concrete surfaces in the past, you likely found that it is a more difficult process than it seems.  At Perfect Power Wash, we understand the challenge of cleaning and protecting your concrete.  Here is why you we recommend you call the professionals at Perfect Power Wash of Akron for your concrete cleaning:

  • Concrete needs the right amount of pressure.  Commercial grade power washing systems provide just the right amount of water pressure to remove mold, mildew and ground in dirt on your driveway and other surfaces.  More gentle processes – such as a garden hose or residential pressure washing system – just don’t get the same results.
  •  Concrete needs some type of soap.  A detergent is helpful in getting the best results, but choosing one that won’t damage your lawn or landscaping can be a challenge.  At Perfect Power Wash, we use biodegradable detergents that not only get your concrete clean, but protect your plants and landscape.
  •  We can make your concrete look as good as new.  A proper cleaning by a service that has experience in this area will help you to have restored concrete driveways, sidewalks and walkways, giving a great impression to visitors and potential buyers.

Let Perfect Power Wash of Akron pressure wash your concrete decks, patios and driveways for a like new look.  Call today!


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