Now is the Time to Clean

Spring will soon arrive in Northeast Ohio and everything around us is about to come alive in glorious green—from the green of our lawns to the green buds on our trees. But green isn’t always good. There’s another green visitor coming to our area this spring, and instead of beautifying our surroundings, it’s causing costly damage to homes, reducing property values and even posing a potential health hazard, especially for children and the elderly.

I’m referring to the dark green (sometimes even black) algae spreading out on roofs, popping up on our driveways and nestling in the crevices of our homes’ siding. This unsightly visitor probably made itself welcome at our homes years ago. It slows down in the winter, but with spring just around the corner, it’s raring to get growing again. That’s why now is the time to professionally clean your roof, concrete, and home exterior.

But before you show this unwanted green guest the door, you should know that all power wash options are not created equal. Inexperienced and unqualified power wash services are not only ineffective, but they can also damage your home. This is why it makes sense to go with a trusted, proven professional like the Northeast Ohio-based Perfect Power Wash.

Perfect Power Wash has the experience and expertise to do the job right at your home this spring, just as they have for tens of thousands of homeowners over 17 years. That’s longer than anyone else in Northeast Ohio, says owner Mike Palubiak. He’s a nationally recognized expert on power washing and, in fact, has contributed to the Best Practices Guide for the Power Washers Association of North America ( No other pressure washer in Ohio can make this claim.

Mimi Vanderhaven recently sat down with Mike to learn more about his company’s services.

MIMI: Mike, tell us a little about Perfect Power Wash and what makes it stand out from the pack.

Mike Palubiak: We really care for each and every home we touch. Every one of our over 30 service technicians has gone through at least 150 hours of training before they ever visit a client’s home. I wrote the book on training power wash professionals, so our team members receive the most complete training possible. Plus, with 22 service vehicles, we have the capability to respond quickly to our clients’ needs and have the flexibility to fit our visits into their schedules.

MIMI: How can homeowners get a free estimate from Perfect Power Wash?

Mike Palubiak: It’s simple; just call us and you’ll have an estimate in less than five minutes right over the phone. Or learn more about what we do here on our website.

MIMI: So what is this unsightly black stuff growing on roofs in our area?

Mike Palubiak: In almost all cases the growth you see on roofs in Northeastern Ohio is Gloeocapsa Magma. This algae migrated north from Florida. It wasn’t even found in this area 15 years ago, but it’s really made itself at home since then. It’s always hungry; it grows very fast, spreading from a dot on your roof, to a larger spot, and finally to an ugly dark greenish-black streak in no time. To these algae, the limestone filler in your roof’s shingles is an all-you-can-eat buffet, so they dig in and spread. As older algae decompose they provide nourishment for newcomers so your infestation problem snowballs. Fortunately, these unwanted visitors can be removed with professional cleaning.

MIMI: Aside from being unsightly, why should homeowners remove algae from their roofs?

Mike Palubiak: As algae grows, it eats away the protective granulated surface of shingles which makes them more susceptible to damage, shortening the lifespan of your roof. Dark algae will also increase your energy cost in the summer since it absorbs heat. There’s also a potential health hazard to people, especially seniors, children, and folks with asthma. While the algae itself isn’t dangerous, it attracts and nourishes various forms of fungi, some of which can cause health issues when they enter a home through air conditioning ducts or are tracked in the house after their spores land on sidewalks and driveways. The good news is, you do not need a new roof. Instead, just give us a call and we’ll wash it away.

MIMI: In addition to neutralizing the algae on the roof, what other services does Perfect Power Wash offer?

Mike Palubiak: We offer a wide range of services including power washing house siding—to removing unsightly contaminants and mildew—as well as power washing and sealing driveways. As we do with roof cleaning, we adhere to the highest professional standards when performing these services.


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