Meet the Team:
Matt Mains

Musician, Sales Manager, the roommate we all wish we had. And certainly, a crucial member of the Perfect Power Wash family. Since April of 2017, Matt Mains has intertwined his music and sales skills to help others grow within our organization. He’s the type of guy that makes people feel welcome on their first day and ensure they’re having success in their first year.

From Job to Career

Matt shared that when he began his journey with Perfect Power Wash, he thought it was going to be “just a job.” Yet, as he learned about business, about himself, and how to interact with others, Perfect Power Wash quickly turned into a career. Matt, after fulfilling several roles in the organization, now works with new salespeople to develop their talent. He coaches our team on how to project professionalism, be helpful, and always put the customer first.

“I can take someone from day one, who is excited about being here, and make sure they’re doing everything correctly. And then who knows where they will end up,” Matt says.

Outside the Office

Matt doesn’t let his commitment to success within Perfect Power Wash keep him from achieving his goals. His band regularly plays shows throughout the region and he recently opened his own recording studio.

And even when Matt isn’t at the office, he surrounds himself with his Perfect Power Wash family. He currently lives with three other team members and another is a part of his band.

“I come to work and I’m with my friends. Then I hang out with them after work. It’s just a big family.”

Why Perfect Power Wash

Matt has seen the company grow rapidly in his two years and has been a large part of its success. So, what does he think separates Perfect Power Wash from the rest?

“I see this place as a family. No matter if you’re a customer, an employee, or someone we just talked to, you’re part of the Perfect Power Wash family.”

Matt Mains Headshot


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