Maine Ice Dam Removal

Ice Dam Removal Maine

Protect your home against costly water damage this coming Maine winter by calling Perfect Power Wash for all of your ice dam and snow removal service needs. We have an experienced team that has the knowledge and experience to safely remove ice dams for your residence.

Roof Ice Dam Maine

Ice dams are a frequent and costly problem during winter months. They occur when snow builds up on top of your roof, this snow then melts its way into the gutter where it freezes again. After this snow has frozen in the gutter, the drainage system of your house becomes blocked. Furthermore, the snow buildup can cause roof leaks which can cause water damage to walls ceilings and insulation of your home. The water flowing into your home from ice dams results in extremely costly water damage to the structure of your house. By calling Perfect Power Wash to come remove these ice dams we can prevent this from happening.

Ice Dam Prevention Maine

Removing and preventing ice dams from damaging your house is no simple task. This is a problem that requires the professional tools, service, expertise, and experience that our company can provide. By using our proven steaming method our team of ice and snow removal employees will make sure that your house remains safe and unharmed this winter.

Ice Dam Solutions Maine

We provide ice dam and snow removal services for the following areas: Portland, Lewiston, Bangor, South Portland, Auburn, Biddeford, Augusta, Saco, Westbrook, Waterville, Brunswick, and surrounding areas.

For Maine Ice Dam Removal contact Perfect Power Wash today at 800-311-8360!

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