Is Your Business Ready For Summer?

Dirty, run down, and ugly are definitely not adjectives you want customers to use to describe your business. The reality is that every commercial property endures the elements—from inclement weather to grime and dirt from pollution—and needs to be cleaned regularly. A professional power washing company can provide a variety of washing services to restore your property’s beauty and cleanliness, whether it is a storefront, restaurant, shopping mall or office building. Those services include:

  • Commercial Building Washing: Your property should always look its best to make a positive impression. Do not underestimate how a soiled, dingy building exterior can immediately send the wrong impression! That is an easy way to lose prospective new customers. A professional power wash uses heavy duty pressure washing equipment to restore your building’s exterior and make it look like new, while also removing any potentially dangerous contaminants.
  • Commercial Concrete Cleaning: Walkways, sidewalks, and driveways should never become an afterthought. They are one of the first things people notice when they arrive at your property. If you want to restore your property’s concrete surfaces, consider a professional power washing company. A combination of biodegradable cleaners and a penetrating concrete sealer will restore your concrete and also protect it from future moisture damage.
  • Parking Lot Cleaning: Think about how much wear and tear a parking lot endures over time, from oil drips from parked cars to discarded chewing gum or a dropped food item. These not only cause cosmetic imperfections, but they can become a safety hazard if left untouched. A clean, well taken care of parking lot can go a long way to demonstrating your responsibility to your customers.
  • Commercial Roof Cleaning: Every roof is subject to attack from harmful contaminants like algae and mold. These contaminants cause ugly black streaks to appear on your roof, hurting your company’s curb appeal. The best way to clean your roof, and prevent against future damage, is a professional power wash.

Show your customers that you care about your business. Invest in a professional power washing service like Perfect Power Wash to maintain your property. Let our team of experts handle your commercial power washing needs. Give us a call today for a convenient estimate!


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