Is Power Washing Safe for My House Siding?

One of the most commonly asked questions about pressure washing is whether it is safe for specific house siding materials. Much more often than not, the answer is yes. All of the house siding options below are ideal candidates for power washing, particularly if it is done at the hands of a professional power washing company that knows well the strengths and power capabilities of its equipment.

Vinyl: This plastic exterior siding is engineered to be both decorative and weatherproof. But as vinyl does its job of protecting your home from the elements, it also shows wear and tear. Over the years, vinyl siding becomes dull and gray from all of the dirt and grime. Pressure washing is the perfect solution to clear away the buildup and bring vinyl siding back to its former glory.

Aluminum: Aluminum siding is popular for its low maintenance and durability. However, aluminum siding also easily shows dirt and can appear chalky if it is not regularly cleaned. Fortunately, your aluminum siding’s beauty is there just beneath the surface. A thorough power wash will easily restore its beauty.

Brick: This classic choice for home exteriors has a warm, elegant appearance that can be lost due to grime or moss growth. If it has been a long time since your home has been cleaned—or if you have never had your home’s exterior cleaned—you will be amazed at the difference after your home’s brick exterior is power washed. Each brick’s natural, rich color will be revealed.

Stucco: Modern stucco is a cement plaster covering, blending cement, sand, lime, and water. Stucco’s textured surface gives it a striking, unique look. However, the texture also makes the siding a target for dust and dirt. The good news is that power washing is a great option to clean and renew your stucco siding.

Wood: Some customers question whether wood siding is safe for power washing. Wood siding, much like a wood deck, can definitely withstand pressure washing. A professional power washing company will take great care to ensure the safety of your wood during the washing process.

The team at Perfect Power Wash is happy to answer any of your questions or concerns regarding the safety of a home power wash for your house siding. Give us a call today!


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