Ice Dam Misconceptions

PPW-BlogImages-Nov15_0001_Depositphotos_2450684_s(1)While ice dams are generally viewed as bad news to homeowners, the truth is there are many misconceptions regarding ice dams and how they form. We are addressing some of the most common misconceptions here so that you can have a better understanding of ice dams and ice dam removal.

Misconception #1: Gutters cause ice dams.

The recipe for ice dams does not include gutters. While gutters do form a basin along your home to catch the water from melting snow, they do not actually cause ice dams to form. Rather, an ice dam can form on any home, including those that do not have gutters. Whether or not your home has gutters, melting snow will refreeze along the edges of your roof.

Misconception #2: Ice dams occur only when there is significant snowfall.

On the contrary, as long as there is enough moisture on your roof to melt and refreeze, an ice dam can form. There is no formula for how much snow needs to fall in order for ice dams to form. So, even when there is not serious snowfall in the forecast, be mindful of the present risk for ice dams.

Misconception #3: You can always spot ice dams.

Many people assume that every ice dam can be spotted from the ground due to very large icicles hanging from your roof and gutters. However, this is not always the case. Ice dams can form on the interior edges of your roof, above skylights or other areas that would not be visible from the ground. If your home has experienced ice dams in the past, or you notice ice dams along your roof’s exterior edge, it is a good idea to have a professional ice dam removal company inspect the entirety of your roof.

Misconception #4: You will notice a leak from an ice dam right away.

Unfortunately, after an ice dam forms, the water leaking into your home’s walls or ceiling cavities will not be immediately visible. By the time water escapes into your home’s interior—seeping through your ceiling or dripping down walls—the ice dam will have already been causing the problem for a while.

Questions about how ice dams form or safe ice dam removal procedures? Contact the experienced professionals at Perfect Power Wash today.


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